Saturday, September 25, 2010

Il Fornaio Coronado

Today is my birthday. Which means that since the beginning of September I have been looking forward to spending the day in Coronado. Little did I know that the night before my birthday I would get engaged and that my birthday morning would be spent sharing the news with all those close to me.

This morning I got to open presents in bed and then Marc prepared a delicious breakfast for us both. We tried to finish as many phone calls as possible before heading out to Sea World for the afternoon. The shamu show was pretty awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed the Arctic Encounter. To end the day we drove out to Coronado and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine while watching the boats pass. For dinner we ended up at Il Fornaio. I've eaten at this restaurant before in both Palo Alto and Pasadena but honestly, I thought the food was much tastier this time around.

After dinner when we had completely exhausted ourselves we decided to head back home and crawl directly into bed.

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