Friday, August 20, 2010

Lotus Thai Bistro

Friday night and another dinner out. Tonight we headed out to Lotus Thai Bistro, our local Thai restaurant in Carlsbad. I usually get the See-Eyew noodles and Marc gets some sort of curry. Tonight we decided that we would try a couple new dishes and make sure to have enough for leftovers.

Our Order:
  • Veggie Soup with Tofu
  • Tom Yum Gai Soup - chicken in hot and sour lemongrass soup and fresh mushrooms
  • See-Eyew Noodles with Shrimp - wide noodles with egg and broccoli
  • Pattaya Pineapple - with chicken, shrimp, cashew nuts, in roasted chili-pineapple sauce
  • Lotus Gai Curry - yellow curry with chicken, potatoes, carrots and onion

We really liked the noodles and soups. The Pattaya Pineapple, while delicious, was probably not something we would order again. As for the Lotus Gai Curry, the curry itself was delicious with a strong coconut flavor. I just wish that they would use a slightly waxier potato instead of the dried out russet potatoes. Would I order this dish again, probably if I was looking for a curry instead of noodles.

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