Sunday, August 29, 2010

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

After arriving home from our respective trips and looking into a bare fridge, Marc and I decided it was another night to eat out. I really wanted a large crispy salad for dinner so Marc suggested we try out Karl Strauss Brewing Company. We've had their beer at our favorite pizza place before but had never made it up the hill to the restaurant.

When we first walked in we were surprised at how busy and loud the restaurant was. I imagine a lot of people from nearby Legoland stop here on their way home. I was happy with the selection for salads and ended up with the chicken mango salad and a cup of vegetarian black bean soup. Delicious and very filling. I would however recommend you order the salad with the dressing on the side. The citrus vinaigrette is really tasty but the chili herb dressing is not. Marc ordered the hummus and the Honey Lager chicken salad which was also really good.

It's definitely nice to be home but I'm going to have to go to the grocery store tomorrow to make sure we can have some home cooked meals this week.

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