Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dulce Vida

Today was my big brother's 30th birthday. He knew that his wife had something up her sleeve but he wasn't really sure what. At first she convinced him that he was going to have a boys weekend. However after he returned from a morning of golf he was surprised by a group of his friends at his house for an 80s themed surprise BBQ. Little did he know me, my parents and my sister were also there to surprise him. It was pretty cool to be able to pull off this huge surprise and I think he was really excited to have us all there.

After the BBQ wound down and we all changed out of our 80s gear we decided to head out for dinner. One of my brother's favorite places is Dulce Vida, right around the corner from their house. We all shared some queso and guacamole to start and then I had their flautas con sopa which were pretty delicious. Sadly Marc wasn't with me this weekend as he had a wedding and the 30th birthday of his sister to celebrate in Connecticut.

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