Sunday, June 06, 2010

Shred - Day 1

I hate you Jillian Michaels.

So you might remember the first time I started doing the Shred video. It was way back in November of 2008. I'd pretty much agree that my assessment of the workout on that day was spot on. Again today I was in a heap on the floor at the end of it all. And once again I was doing moderated movements.

Last time I think I did the video for about a week. I was surprised at how easy it got to get through level 1 but I quit before I ever moved up to level 2. This time around I am hoping I can stick to it and get up to level 2. My plan, 10 days level 1, 10 days level 2, and 10 days level 3, completing the 30-day Shred workout.

I am also going to try to blog my journey, hoping that by writing it down it will keep me honest and continuing to exercise. I'm ready for the anticipatory Advil tonight and the sore-because-they've-been-used muscles tomorrow. Bring it on!

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