Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let the farewell barbecues begin!

In case you aren't aware M and I are relocating from the Washington DC area to San Diego next month. And we couldn't be more excited! Our new apartment is one block from the beach, a 10 minute walk from the downtown village area with shops and restaurants and it means that he won't have to travel every other week anymore.

In preparation for our big departure we have been trying to spend some time with as many people as possible. Yesterday started off with two farewell barbecues. The first was with my co-workers from the 7311 program that I use to teach on Saturday mornings. They really were a great group of people and it was nice to hang out by the pool, catch up and just enjoy the sunny afternoon weather. As soon as that was over we headed over to M's friend's house. I've heard a lot about this friend but never had the opportunity to meet him or his family and in all honesty I don't know why we waited so long.

We met up with them at their house, changed into swim suits and then headed to their local pool. 2nd pool of the day for Marc, first for me and it couldn't have been more fun. Most of my time in the pool was spent catching their oldest son as he jumped into the pool from the steps. The three year old hasn't quite gotten the hang of swimming yet but boy does he love to jump. After a while we got him to pretend to swim and then he cleverly manipulated us into helping him "swim" the far end of the pool so he could climb out on the edge and then jump back in again.

After swimming we returned to their house for barbecue dinner and catching up/sharing stories. The food was delicious and included some items from their garden and the conversation was even better. After spending all week counseling some unruly children it's nice to be reminded that kids can be polite and respectful. It was interesting to hear about their garden as M and I are thinking about doing some container gardening once we get to San Diego.


Ellen said...

I will really miss seeing you when I visit DC but welcome to California. Looks like the stars are lining up...

Paige said...

We are going to miss you so much! Make sure you stop by to see us before you go...or else!