Monday, July 20, 2009

Brother's Wedding

My brother's wedding weekend in San Antonio was absolutely fantastic. There was lots of hanging out with friends and family. I guess the best part was that it was a weekend away without thinking about work or other things coming up. It was a great little getaway.

The wedding itself was also just wonderful. There were so many little touches that were specific to my brother and his fiance. The most fun part of the evening was the photo booth that they had. Just like the old school one's where you put in your money, smile four times and then wait. So much fun to see what moves people came up with and a great way to get candid shots for your wedding.

I also thought that the band they had was the best band I have ever heard at a wedding. Apparently they played for the Bush governer inaugural ceremony. Fantastic.

I will hopefully get some pictures up soon!

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