Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The countdown to moving begins!

Yesterday we finally got in contact with the moving people and found out that they will be ready and able to pick up our stuff on the 12th of August. Two weeks from today. Wow, typing that makes it sounds really soon. I guess the good news is that these movers actually come in, pack everything for you, load the truck, and then drive it all the way across the country. So at least we don't have to pack everything before the 12th.

Now we just have to look forward to all our weekend trips and then our big trip across the US. This weekend is NY, followed by Pennsylvania, then back to New York and Connecticut before starting our drive all the way across the country. Hopefully we'll have enough days before our stuff arrives in San Diego in order to see some sights along the way instead of just trying to race across the US. At the very minimum I would like to see the four corners, perhaps the grand canyon too if we have time.

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Marion said...

I know you've driven cross country before :-) Will this be your second time? Will you see any of the same things?