Friday, May 08, 2009


Last weekend me and two of my friends from high school went on a 3-day cruise. Originally the cruise was supposed to be from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico. But due to H1N1 Virus (aka swine flu) our cruise was redirected to Catalina Island (off the coast of Los Angeles). I have to say it was quite possibly the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on. Three full days of eating, sleeping, reading and doing nothing. It was fabulous.

Trip Itinerary
  • Thursday we arrived in San Diego and were transferred to the Port of San Diego to board the Carnival Elation. Thursday evening we left San Diego and headed north.

  • Friday morning we anchored off the coast of Catalina. Starting at 8am boats arrived to take us off the cruise ship and to the city of Avalon on Catalina Island.

  • Friday night we left Catalina and began motoring down to Ensenada. Due to the ships documentation we had to anchor off of the coast of Ensenada for four hours, which we accomplished Saturday morning.

  • Saturday afternoon we left Ensenada and by Sunday morning we had arrived back in San Diego and were reading to leave the boat and head back to the airport.
Trip Photos

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Goombella said...

The pictures are great and it sounds like you guys had such a nice time! I want to take a cruise now...there are about a million cruise ships that ship out from South Beach.