Monday, February 23, 2009

My fourth job!

It's been a little while but all for good reasons . . . I have accepted, and as of today started, a third part time contract job. I know, I'm crazy but honestly this opportunity was too good to pass up.

My new contract job is with Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC. Yup you read that right, THE Children's Hospital of Washington DC. I am working as part of their multidisciplinary team at the Improved Diet, Exercise and Activity for Life (IDEAL) Obesity Clinic. Basically kids who are obese or at risk for obesity are referred to the clinic which they attend with their parents. They have physicals with the doctors who also check up on their meds, receive nutrition counseling with a dietitian (me!) to set goals for diet and activity, attend a group nutrition class (also taught by me!), parents have a parenting class and the kids get some time to do physical activity. It's a pretty cool program and the only one like it in my area.

Today was my first day and it all ran pretty smoothly. Parking was painless, although I probably just jinxed myself for next week. I was able to shadow the other dietitian who is going on maternity leave. I taught the group nutrition lesson. And I returned to my clinic on time ready to see my patients. The only thing I have to remember for next week is pack more to eat in my lunch box. Not only was I hungry mid-morning, due to getting up early, but I also had a horrendous hunger headache at the end of the day, 6pm.

I'm really excited to see how things go from here on out. Fortunately/Unfortunately (yet to be determined) this project only runs until June.


Paige said...

I thought I posted a comment here yesterday...are you censoring my comments again? So glad you are loving being busy, but so sad we probably will never see you until you quit a job. =)

That's MY camera! said...

Congrats - sounds like a nice pick-up! Hopefully you've been storing up your parking karma!

Goombella said...

Ack! How can you have 4 jobs? You are one crazy busy lady dudette -- I hardly have enough time with just one!