Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Famous!

My clinic was written up in the local newspaper for National Health Center Week and mine was one of the two clinic programs featured in the article. I have edited the below to maintain my anonymity but here's the section on my program:

    Two of the center’s programs are of particular interest, one new one and one that has been in place for many years.

    In January, [the best] dietitian, joined the staff. “[She] works really hard with adults with diabetes, elevated cholesterol and other conditions that are influenced in a positive way with good nutrition and an exercise program,” Langlykke explained. “We are so delighted to have her.”

    “She is a very nice addition and we’ve seen a great deal of progress in weight loss with our patients.” Langlykke added. “Children also are a major focus and [She] is partnering with the YMCA to get the children moving.”

    The Health Center has also introduced a donation program to provide bikes for kids. They have enough bicycles for the teens but would love to have more donations of bicycles and helmets for younger kids.


Paige said...

Details smetails. Hooray to have some recognition for all your hard work!!

Goombella said...

Good job dudette -- you are the most famous dietitian I know!