Monday, August 11, 2008

New York, New York

This past weekend was spent hanging out with the ladies in New York. It was a reunion of sorts as I haven't hung out with these two lovely ladies since last fall, but it felt as though no time had passed. Saturday morning was spent sleeping in, followed by an afternoon of soaking up the sun while playing frisbee at the park. But the highlight of the weekend was Saturday night.

On our walk from the park back to soul friend's apartment we walked by a Blue Ribbon Sushi. Soul Friend commented, "Hey I didn't know they had one of those out here. That's where we're going for dinner." Unfortunately we found out the hard way that there are actually three locations for Blue Ribbon sushi. I say the hard way because we took a cab across town for dinner only to find out the location that had our reservation was only a couple of blocks away from the W hotel where we had met for pre-dinner drinks. Doh! A short cab ride later we were back where we started enjoying a delicious meal.

The majority of Sunday was spent on the bus driving back to DC. We got stuck in a lightning storm which produced a little more traffic then expected but provided quite a show, so I can't say it was all bad. But it was definitely nice to be home when I finally got there. Sadly it's bittersweet because Wednesday I am back to the airport and off to Seattle for the weekend. But I swear, after that I'll be staying put . . . well at least until September.

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soul friend said...

Hi! I have been a bit behind on your blog... but it was much fun as always having you here! xxoo