Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Not Your Normal Wednesday

Today has been quite the day.

This morning we were all evacuated from our building due to a fire alarm. I have no clue whether it was a real fire or not, what floor said "fire" appeared on or why the firemen did not find it necessary to come introduce themselves to me. On the other hand it did allow me a twenty minute break from my icebox, aka my desk, to stand outside chatting with co-workers in the sunshine.

After returning to my desk I was greeted by random-guy-who-works-in-my-building. You might remember him from my second day of work when he asked for my phone number and I said no. Well, last week I saw him again, this time he was on my floor to help one of my co-workers with an issue he was having. Apparently random-guy-who-works-in-my-building works for the company that owns the building, not just in the building. Anyway, today he showed up at my desk with this note in his hand, "Since I can't have your number, can I take you out to lunch instead?" So it looks like I'll be having free lunch #4 sometime next week.

Outside of all of this, I am still trying my best to get over this little cold I have. Despite two nights of 9 hours of sleep I still fell asleep on the bus ride to work this morning and, to add insult to injury, I also fell asleep during my lunch in the park today. I can also pretty much bet you that I'll fall asleep on the bus ride home before I go to bed early for another 9 hours of sleep. Plus I'm developing a sore throat. And it's not even winter yet.


John said...

Ahh, sorry to hear about the cold... that's no fun at all. And I hear this means you won't be joining us for Grey's Anatomy night either! Nutz :(

Hey - and next time, don't act like it wasn't you who pulled the fire alarm... own your pranks. Own them.

Paige said...

Any cute firefighters?