Thursday, June 28, 2007

On the Road Day One - CA, AZ, NM, TX

In case you are wondering I am posting from the hotel computere heree at the America Inn located in the delightful Van Horn, TX. In case you're not sure where that is, it's about 430 miles west of San Antonio and 120 miles east of El Paso, off of Interstate 10. I must admit, one of the perks of staying at this hotel is the free internet. I guess I can officially admit that my blogging has reached addiction levels.

So now let's get back to the subject of the blog, day one on the road trip to Virginia. This morning I set off at 6 am from North Hollywood, hopped on Interstate 10 and kept heading east until now. In case you didn't know, Interstate 10 goes all the way from Santa Monica, CA to Florida. I also learned today that Interstate 10 is also called the Pearl Harbor Memorial Freeway.

101 in Hollywood minus the traffic

Here are some of the highlights from today's trip:
  • Vital Stats: 906 miles driven, four states visited (see title of blog), 245 songs listened to on ipod, 2 conversations with my copilot plant.

  • Best billboard: It was one of those black billboards with the white type written message from God which read, "Life is short, eternity is forever. ~God"

  • Hottest temperature: 109F according to the thermometer in my car.

  • Funniest street name: Sore Finger Road

My Copilot

Interstate 10 California

Interstate 10 Arizona

Interstate 10 New Mexico

Interstate 10 Texas

As you can see, all the states look pretty much the same off of Interstate 10. In total I spent 12 and a half hours on the road today but in all honesty it felt like three. The only traffic I hit was just outside of Phoenix due to a small fender bender. I also haven't had any thunderstorms yet, although I did some some lightning in the distance and also saw the rain falling behind me. Tomorrow is going to be a much lighter day of travel, only about 5 or 6 hours of driving, and I get to see my brother in the evening. It will be nice to see where he calls "home".

Now that I have my blogging fix it's time to return to my room for the night, watch a little tv, and get a good night's sleep. I have continental breakfast to look forward to in the morning and then back on the road!


Paige said...

I am glad your copilot is keeping you company.=)

John said...

Come on! What, no details on the conversation between you and the plant? One request: craziest license plate you have seen yet.