Friday, June 29, 2007

On the Road Day Two - TX

Here are some interesting things about driving through Texas:
  • Texas has a speed limit and a speed minimum. I guess this is what keeps those tractors that don't do more than 45mph off of the freeway.

  • Texas also has a speed limit for daytime and one for the night. Cars can do 80 mph during the day, trucks 70 mph, but at night everyone is limited to 65 mph.

  • Funniest sign: "LITTERING IS unlAWFUL" Texans are so clever!

The only other adventure from being on the road in Texas was being pulled over. Yup, it happened. Apparently I missed the sign where the speed limit changed from 80mph to 70mph and the friendly police officer pulled me over doing 79 mph. Luckily, when he was writing up my ticket he received another call and decided to return my driver's licence to me with a verbal warning and no ticket. Phew!

So now I am staying with my brother and his girlfriend and getting to see the cool sites of San Antonio.

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