Friday, September 08, 2006

Runner's High

So in case you didn't know, I run. The addiction started last year around October when T invited me and some other high school buddies to do the Run to The Far Side in San Francisco the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was awesome. There was nothing like seeing the sun rise over the San Francisco Bay and being able to hit the road with a group of your best buds. I had run before, mainly in college, but nothing was like the high I got after completing this 5K.

Shortly thereafter, I decided this would be my year to run the San Francisco Bay to Breakers. I was intimidated by the length, a 12K was a little bit more than the 5K that I had just completed, but I was determined. A and I have been running the Bay to Breakers every year since 2000, it's our thing. And as our thing we often talk about how each year we should run it differently; costume, walking, drinking, running, naked . . . you know, keep it interesting.

So the training began. Unfortunately, I suffered from an overuse injury in the spring and was basically out of commision . . . until now. This past week I have finally laced up my running shoes and gotten the high I have been missing for so long. Today I ran 2.5 miles, pain free. I'm not sure if my body can handle a 12K but I am definitely going to be signing up for those 5Ks. Anyone up for the Run Wild 5K at Thanksgiving?

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Travis said...

Even though the name of the race has changed, the tradition must live on. I'm in. Keep in mind that calling it a "tradition" probably will help us convince a certain someone to get out there again with us too.