Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Game of Tag

So I was tagged by my friend L to answer my top five, I had to make a few changes (underlined) in order to answer but here goes!
Five Things in My Host Family's Freezer
**This one's really tough because I'm not actually allowed in the kitchen. But the one time they were out of the house and I took a peak this is what I saw.**
1. Yogurt
2. Chocolate cake
3. Bread
4. Lots of empty space
5. Lots of empty space

Five Things in My Closet
1. pillow
2. comforter
3. rain coat for every afternoon at 4:30
4. a skirt that I've only worn once since I've been here
5. an onyx elephant named Bozo 74

Five Things in the bus
1. sheep foot for good luck or the horn (depends on the bus)
2. someone selling something (toilet paper, churros, or seeds depends on the stop and the size of the bus)
3. a child sleeping in the most unique position possible
4. the Virgin of Guadalupe
5. Shakira's song "My Hips Don't Lie"

Five Things in My Backpack
1. my notebook and pen for writing down new words
2. my translator for understanding the aformentioned new words
3. hand sanitizer, since the bathrooms don't always have soap
4. toilet paper since it's even more rare than the soap 
5. my Spanish Institute of Puebla student ID card, ¡don't leave home without it!


Paige said...

Why is your comforter in your closet? And your pillow? Are you a closet sleeper?

Adventurous Twenty-Something said...

I'm not really sure who uses the comforter and pillow, they are pink and lacy and seem to only reside in the bottom of the armoire. Maybe there's a ghost who lives there. I think I should take a picture so you can see how small my armoire is, good thing I only have a few clothes with me.