Saturday, April 30, 2011

Details, Details, Details!

It's all about the details, or at least it has been for us over the past few weeks. We're busy working on the final details for the invitations which will hopefully be in the mail to you next month. We have also been working on the decorations for both the ceremony and the reception. It continues to amaze me just how many fun DIY ideas there are out there for weddings. I am also really excited about all the different ways we have been able to incorporate our colors into our big day. And don't worry we've also been working on the details for the food and drinks and trust me, you'll be happy.

Now if only I could shake the last of the wedding nightmares where vendors don't show up, I've lost my vows and somehow we didn't get our officiant registered to be an officiant, I would be able to relax and not feel like I've forgotten something. I guess I just need to trust in my groom to be when he says, don't worry Christina has it all planned.

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