Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we had a lovely winter trip to Portland. Now we just need one trip in the spring in order to have seen Portland in all the seasons. Thankfully the weather held off until we had all arrived in Portland before dumping over a foot of snow and then eased off again to allow us all to leave on time on Sunday. Unlike last year, this winter the weather seems to be working with us.

While in Portland we were able to visit with Marc's cousin Brian and his wife Mary and we also had a chance to introduce Marc's Dad Bill to both my Mom and Dad. Plus we got to spend a few hours on Sunday morning with Marc's nephews Jack and Ryan. I have to admit we're really lucky to be able to combine our wedding planning trips with family time. It only helps in building the excitement of having everyone together in August.

Being the organizer that I am, I tried my best to squeeze as much as possible into our weekend trip without overwhelming anyone. We met with all our vendors: caterer, dj, videographer, photographer, florist, and even had a tour of the ferry we have chartered for all our guests. We have officially tasted the food we are going to have at the wedding and as you'll see in the upcoming invitation you'll have a choice between a beef, fish or vegan option. However, if you or anyone you know has any special dietary needs please don't hesitate to let us know. Our caterers are fantastic and we can find something to accomodate everyone's needs.

I've also taken the time to update a few things on the website. I have added some helpful information about hotel shuttles and whether or not your room comes with a refigerator. By the time you get your invite you will also see sections about our wedding party who will be standing up with us in August, places to see and things to do in Portland, and recommendations on where to find lobster. Lastly we will be asking for your help in building our must play list for the wedding, so start thinking about your music requests now.

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