Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stone Brewing World Bistro

Tonight we went out for after work drinks with Marc's coworkers. I have to admit that his co-workers are probably the greatest group of co-workers I have ever met. They turned their after work drinks plan into a celebration of both our engagement and the upcoming baby of another co-worker.

I have to give them major props though because with only 3 days notice (we told them we were engaged Monday and met for drinks Thursday) they put together an engagement gift for us as well as a bunch of white elephant gifts. One of my favorite gifts was the magic 8-ball which is supposed to help us make our wedding decisions without placing the blame on each other. We also received some pink beer cozies which say "I'm the Bride/Groom, that's why."

Also one of the benefits of being at Stone Brewery is that we were able to eat their appetizers. We had pretzels, hummus, crab cakes and fried mashed potato balls. Those were my favorite. We ended up staying out until 8:30 so by the time we got home we just had a couple of tacos and went to bed.

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