Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Macaroni and Smoked Gouda Cheese with Pork

This recipe was inspired by one that we found inside of Fine Cooking. The fine cooking recipe requires you to put the mac and cheese in a skillet with bread crumbs on top and crisp in the oven. Which, while it sounds delicious, takes a lot more time then we have available this week.

So tonight we decided to adapt the recipe to what we felt was good. Basically we boiled some pasta. While that was cooking we made a basic white sauce (butter, flour, milk) and added shredded cheddar and smoked gouda. We heated up some leftover pork and when the pasta was cooked we added the pork and cheese sauce. I though the sauce was going to be too cheesy, but I actually wished it was a little more cheesy.

This recipe definitely brought me back to the days when my mom used to make cauliflower cheese for us to dinner. Which is basically steamed cauliflower, covered with the above cheese sauce.

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