Saturday, September 04, 2010

Passage to India

This morning we had delicious homemade bagels for breakfast. I know this is a dinner blog but these bagels were just so yummy and definitely photogenic I can't help but share. I have to admit that I would have never thought about making homemade bagels until I met Marc whose four food groups include bagels, pizza, beer and sandwiches. So obviously it was a must.

At lunch time we decided to have leftover fish tacos which were just as good as the first night just a little more photogenic. Thanks to the photo-op I now have pictures on the original post showing just how fantastic they were.

By the time dinner rolled around we decided we had had enough of being in the house and decided to head out to our favorite Indian restaurant, Passage to India. It actually made sense to go because Marc was going for a late afternoon surf, while I wandered the beach and the surf spot is actually halfway to the Indian Restaurant. The only downside was that while we were eating Marc's board was on the roof of the car and we were a little bit wary that someone might take it. Luckily no one did, but it didn't stop him from walking out to the parking lot a few times during our meal.

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