Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Grilled Chicken with Israeli Couscous and Bruschetta Salad

Tonight we decided that we were going to have chicken again. Not because we had a bunch of leftover chicken but because we really wanted to pair it with something that we had tried at Trader Joe's not too long ago.

In case you haven't been to a Trader Joe's grocery store they usually have a sample area in the back of the store where they highlight some of their products. Sometimes they just have drinks but if you go at the right time you can sample a little bite to eat. A few weeks ago we sampled their Couscous and Bruschetta Salad. We both thoroughly enjoyed it but at the time we didn't ask for the recipe nor did we buy the ingredients. However, when we went back a week later Marc reminded me how good it had been and luckily the sample-person-of-the-day had the recipe in the drawer. Since then we've been waiting for a night to make it.

All you need is a box of Israeli Couscous and a jar of Trader Joe's Bruschetta. Cook the couscous according to the box and let cool. Mix in the bruschetta (1 jar to 1 box of couscous), crumbled goat (or feta) cheese and some fresh chopped basil and there you have it. Easy and delicious! Tonight we didn't have the chopped basil but we did mix in some crumbled goat cheese. I like the creaminess and slight tartness that this adds to the couscous but Marc suggested that next time we try it without.

Now the big question is, Who plated it better?



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