Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flying Solo

Today I dropped Marc off at the airport. He’s on a quick 3 day trip to Madrid. Lucky for me that means he’ll return on Wednesday. Unlucky for him, he’ll probably return jet lagged and hungry. While he’s away I have been taking the time to clean out the cupboards and fridge to make sure that the food we have in the house is still what we want to have there.

Don’t tell him but today I through out his Tang that he had from his apartment in Washington DC. He claims it’s nice to have in the house just in case you need something besides water to drink. I decided that not only is it expired but we don’t need those colors and sugar in our house. I hope he won’t notice but knowing me I’ll probably tell him when he gets home.

So tonight for dinner I ended up just having a fried egg and some sauteed cabbage. Nothing too exciting but for some reason I was really craving the fried egg on toast. It was pretty easy to throw together.

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