Monday, September 06, 2010

Black's Beach

Today one of Marc's surfing buddies took us on a hike to Black's Beach. Black's beach is down in Torrey Pines, kinda near UC San Diego. It's a surf spot but there is also a unique trail heading down to the beach.

This house has glass walls, great for the view not so great for privacy. Check out the bedrooms on the right side of the house.

Off the first part of the trail there is a vista point where you can see some of the million dollar houses that are hidden by fences, gates and large trees from the street. You also have a great view down to La Jolla and up to where the gliders take off from.

The hike takes you across a wooden plank, scaling up a sandstone wall and down through a crevice before spitting you out on the beach. Luckily there is an access road to take back up to the street. I suppose you could also take that down but what fun would that be?

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