Thursday, July 08, 2010


On our last full day in Boothbay Harbor we woke up to a Harbor full of fog. Originally we had planned to pick up a kayak at 7am, kayak out to the burnt island lighthouse and then return for a day of exploration in the area. I guess the fog was a blessing in disguise because not only did we get to sleep in but we also realized later in the day that had we gone kayaking in the morning we wouldn't really have known where we were going.

Once we realized the fog wasn't going anywhere we decided to spend our morning exploring Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and Colonial Pemaquid.

This is the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. It is also the lighthouse featured on the Maine state quarter.

These are the very narrow stairs you have to climb up and down to get into the top of the lighthouse. Coming down is definitely a lot scarier.

The light in the lighthouse. A fourth order fresnel that flashes white every six seconds.

View from the lighthouse. Usually there is an ocean beyond the rocks.

Fort William Henry at Colonial Pemaquid. The third flagpole has an English flag on it (the cross of St George).

After our day of exploration we returned to Boothbay Harbor to find that the fog had lifted. So we decided to head out on our kayak to the Burnt Island Lighthouse and finish up our day of lighthouses.

The island on the far right is Burnt Island. You can see the lighthouse on the left side. It is about 1 mile from the Harbor to the Island.

Burnt Island Lighthouse. I didn't realize until we had been up in the lighthouse that it was the glass of the tower that was red, not the light inside.


Marc was in charge of steering. It appears we are headed straight for the lobster traps.

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