Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Shabu Shabu

Tonight’s dinner took part during a bachelorette party celebration. One of my good friends was getting married so, as her maid of honor, I decided that we should try out shabu shabu. Not only had the groom-to-be been in Japan for the last year but it was also a good option for the bride-to-be who was vegetarian.

If you have never been to shabu shabu before, don’t worry. Neither had I. We arrived at our tables at Happy Shabu Shabu to see a pot of broth bubbling away. After ordering we were brought a plate of raw meat, vegetables, noodles, and tofu. The idea is you throw your raw ingredients into the boiling broth, remove it when cooked, and then dip it in the sauces before devouring it.

As you can see in the pictures we had a choice of 3 sauces, something like soy, chili sauce and sesame sauce. I was a big fan of the soy-style sauce and the sesame. To be honest I didn’t even try the chili. The food was tasty and honestly I think it was the perfect type of meal for a bachelorette party. It gave people something to do as they got to know their neighbors. And since the restaurant wasn’t super busy we were able to stay and chat for a couple of hours.

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