Friday, June 11, 2010

Shred Day 4 and 5

Getting Bored

I made an executive decision that Wednesday would be the day of rest. I was actually thinking about the weekend and when I would be able to shred and decided that it was best to do 2 days of shred, 1 day of rest, 2 days of shred, one day of rest.

I would say the workout is definitely getting easier. More importantly, the post workout muscle soreness has reduced dramatically since my day of rest. I also know what to expect in the routine so it seems to move along a lot quicker then the first time.

The downside is that I fear I might be getting bored. I might have to move up to level 2 before the 10 days. Not because I can execute all the moves without feeling worked, but out of boredom with the routine. We'll see how it goes.

If I failed to mention it before I have also been running before work. I have started slow and as of this morning I am up to a 1.5 mile run. It feels so good to be outside and near the ocean in the morning.

Fingers crossed I don't get derailed this weekend!

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