Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Parents Visit

This past weekend my parents came to visit. Mom has been down to visit quite a few times but this was the first time that Dad could join her. Coincidentally there seemed to be a lot happening for the weekend which meant we were able to get out and see some new sights. On Friday we tried a new restaurant in town called Gregorio's. Not new to Carlsbad but new to me. They are donating 100% of their profits to the Boys and Girls Club this year, so while the food wasn't fantastic we were supporting a good cause.
Saturday morning M and I borrowed Dad's truck to take all the cardboard boxes from our move to the recycling center. You wouldn't believe the amount of space that cleared up in the garage. I think about half of the garage was covered with boxes and with only one, very full, load in the truck it was all gone. After returning from the recycling center we cooked a waffle breakfast at home complete with fresh strawberries and hand whipped cream. Mmm, mmm!
Then it was off to Alpine for the Sage and Songbirds festival organized by Chirp. We spent the rest of the day touring around bird and butterfly friendly gardens and ended up visiting a birds of prey rehabilitation center Then had a snack at the actual festival before returning home. For dinner on Saturday night we wandered down the coast to Vigilucci's where we sat outside and watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. I thin everyone was impressed not only by the food but by the beautiful location as well.
Sunday morning Dad assembled the cabinets he had brought down for our garage and then we all headed out for breakfast at the Ocean Break Cafe. I had banana crunch french toast which was absolutely amazing. French toast, coated in corn flakes and coconut with sliced bananas on top. I didn't even need to use the syrup! Fueled up from breakfast we returned home to organize the garage. We got all the stuff that we don't have space for in our apartment, off the garage floor and into the cabinets so now the space looks really huge. I think it will be good protection for our belongings while also allowing us to know where things are.
Sunday afternoon Mom re-potted our growing tomato plants and then we wandered down to the Carlsbad Village Faire. I went last fall by myself and this time around was pretty much the same. Lots of people, lots of stuff for sale. I was just happy to have some company as we wandered around. I also got to introduce Dad to dipping dots which is only the best most tasty kind of ice cream out there.
Sunday evening M grilled up some honey mustard glazed pork loin and we all relaxed at home. Then Monday it was back to the real world as Mom and Dad drove back up to Northern California and M and I went to work. All in all it was a very busy weekend and lots of fun. Lucky for us the whole family is coming down to visit at the end of the month, so there will be much more time to explore.

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Goombella said...

I agree, Dippin' Dots are the BEST!!! Ice cream of the future. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!