Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mayor Euille Today!

On Monday afternoon I participated in a taping of Mayor Euille Today, the mayor of Alexandria's monthly talk show. As one of the co-chairs of the healthy lifestyles workgroup I was there to talk about the Mayor's new Get Healthy for Life Alexandria initiative and specifically the 50 million pound challenge that is part of that initiative.

The taping went really well. The other co-chair and I got there early and reviewed the questions that were prepared for us so that we knew what exactly we were supposed to be talking about. Next thing I knew we were being led onto the stage, had microphones put on us and they were taping. I think during the interview I said a total of two things. I know for sure I introduced myself and I think I added blood pressure testing to the list of activities that will occur at the Senior Health Fair in May. But on the whole it was really an interview between the mayor and the other co-chair of our healthy lifestyles workgroup.

I wouldn't say it was my shining moment but it was a very good introduction to TV and honestly I didn't feel as nervous as I thought I would. If I look petrified please don't tell me.

The video isn't up yet but when it's ready you can find it here. It will be the May 2009 episode. Enjoy!

**I almost forgot! Last week I went to a city council meeting to receive a Proclamation for the Get Healthy for Life Alexandria Initiative. If you want to see that you can click here. Select 2009 Alexandria City Coucil Meetings then the Watch Now for May 12, 2009. Once the window opens jump to the Proclamation (13:10) to see me on TV. I am the second from the right. My big moment comes at 17:28. Enjoy!**

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Goombella said...

Woo-hoo -- can I have your autograph? Super cool dude!