Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summer or Winter?

This past weekend I decided to get outside and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. On Saturday it was sunny, 70F and absolutely beautiful. After finishing teaching my nutrition class and unsuccessfully trying to buy some new work shoes I decided to just get outside. So I headed into DC and explored the tidal basin and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.

Although it felt like summer, I was quickly reminded that it was winter. Note the frozen tidal basin water in the foreground of the Jefferson Memorial bathed in sunlight.

In about a month this tree will be full of cherry blossoms and the tidal basin will once again be water instead of ice.

I think this is supposed to be a fountain at the FDR memorial. One of many that are still frozen.

The birds in the water were sitting in the sunny part of the tidal basin. Note the two different colors of stone on the Washington Monument. This is because the monument was not built all at once.

Sunset over the Potomac river.

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Goombella said...

That look so beautiful dude!

Let me know when would work for a little trip up to see you and Rena with the rest of the gang -- maybe the summer would be good? I might go back to WA for a while, but that might be a good time for a visit since I'm not teaching then. Yay SB reunion!