Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today's Highlights

Adjusting back to work after two weeks of vacation has been a little bit of a roller coaster. For example, day one I got greeted by my coworkers her were super excited to have me back and here all my stories but then I got cornered by the nurse manager who basically told me she felt I wasn't working hard enough. Ummm, first day back and I counseled 4 patients out of a possible 6, yeah I'm such a slacker.

The best part of the week are always at the pediatrics clinic. I just love the environment and the people and the patients. This week was no different and I especially loved that the majority of my patients were improving their BMIs. The highlight of my week was receiving the nutrition dividers for the pediatric charts. Now I have my own section where all my notes go. No longer am I getting in the way of the nursing and doctor notes. Now all of my information is in my section.

Today is my long day of work, 10 hours at the adult clinic. This morning I was absolutely slammed with patients. Out of a possible 6, all of them showed up, plus the front desk decided it would be a good idea to give me two walk-ins despite the fact that my box was full of scheduled patients. Remind me to thank them for that one. I guess the universe responded to my pleas for help cause this afternoon I think I only counseled two patients. Which gave me plenty of time to go through all the stuff I have accumulated over the past 8 months. I felt so accomplished when I walked out this evening knowing that my entire office was clean, organized and under control.

I have to admit I am very happy that tomorrow is only a half day of work and then it's the weekend. It couldn't have arrived soon enough!

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