Monday, July 28, 2008

44 Hours Later

44 hours later and I am finally back home. Yeah, 44 hours of travelling to get home from Tanzania, can you believe that?! I arrived at the Dar Es Salaam airport Saturday morning at 8am (midnight Friday night East Coast time) and finally walked through my front door in Virginia at 8pm Sunday night East Coast Time (4am Monday morning Tanzania time). I have to say that was the longest travelling time I have ever had.
  • 9 hours at the Dar Airport, flight didn't leave until 5pm.
  • 5 hours on the flight from Dar to Dubai
  • 2.5 hours layover in Dubai
  • 13.5 hour flight from Dubai to New York - JFK
  • 10 hours hanging out at JFK watching as my flight back to DC got delayed and then cancelled
  • 2 hours getting rerouted and taking a taxi to LaGuardia airport
  • 1 hour flight between NY and DC
  • 1 hours to make a baggage claim on my delayed luggage (fingers crossed my luggage arrives today!) and getting a taxi to my front door
I am so happy to be back in America. There's hot water! Electricity! Showers! Mattresses made from more than just foam! And my personal favorite, everyone here speaks English. Oh the luxury of it all. Pictures to come real soon I promise but to tide you over here's one from my safari.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful photo!

Goombella said...

Yay, welcome back -- I can't wait to see more photos from your trip. It sounds like it was quite the experience!