Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost There!

I stand right now in the Dubai International Airport. Hard to believe that I am only five hours away from being in Tanzania. The flight wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. A little daunting to be on the plane for 16 hours but the flight actually felt shorter then some of the five hour trips I have had between the coasts in the US. The best part of the flight was the entertainment system. TV shows, movies, games and music on demand. I think I watched a total of four movies: Vantage Point (filmed when I was in Puebla, Mexico two summers ago), 27 Dresses, Meet the Robinsons, and Juno. Add to that a couple of TV shows, a little snooze, reading through US Weekly and before I knew it we were once again on the ground.

The funny part about the Dubai airport is that everywhere you look there are people sleeping. On the chairs, on the floor, and in the "quite rooms". Absolutely everywhere. And not just a couple of people, entire families, men, women, and children. It's pretty funny. That and the fake palm trees. Oh yeah, and they have dunkin' donuts and cinnabon here. Oh the comforts of home!

I have a couple of hours to wander around and figure out which gate I am supposed to go to and then it's off to Tanzania! I plan to sleep on the plane ride otherwise I'll probably end up a walking zombie when I meet Jess. So exciting that I am almost there!!!

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ks said...

I absolutely love the conveniences of the modern world. You are able to blog from the airport!! Hope you can keep it up while you're on your trip... can't wait to hear about your adventures