Monday, June 23, 2008

Where am I?

Thankfully I am home. Despite a few changes in my flight itinerary (see below) I made it back safe and sound from the bachelorette party. After dirty pinatas, pin the macho on the man, 10 hours of drinking, the macarena, lots of photos and 15 hours of sleep over three days . . . I was definitely ready to collapse in my bed last night.

On Friday I received a call from United telling me that my flight from DC to Chicago had been cancelled. What?! Being the helpful airline that they are, United had re-booked me on a flight the following day. Right, fly in Saturday, fly out Sunday as though I wanted to spend more time on the airplane then on the ground in CA. After a brief discussion with a United agent I was re-booked on a direct flight leaving that evening and getting me into Sacramento earlier than my original flight. Perfect!

Unfortunately all weekend I had this nagging feeling that my return flight back home was going to leave me stranded in Chicago. How wrong was I! When I arrived at the airport Sunday I learned that the Sacramento-Chicago leg of my flight was overbooked. Being the helpful individual that I am, I offered to rearrange my flight so instead of flying home that afternoon, I was rerouted through LA and booked on a red-eye back to DC that evening. Why would I do that?
  1. Because it gave me 7 hours in LA to hang out with my ex-roommate and one of my close friends from college. Added bonus it was that friend's birthday so we got to have a celebratory dinner together.
  2. Because the red-eye flight was a first class ticket.
  3. Because I arrived home from a vacation on a frequent flyer ticket with a voucher for another round-trip ticket anywhere in the US.
I don't think it could have been a better weekend!

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Paige said...

Wow! Sounds like your travel nightmare turned into a dream!