Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Not Okay to Look!'s newest marketing campaign has been the slogan, "It's Okay to Look" . . .

Before I continue, here's a little background about is an online dating service. People create accounts and set up their profile which tells you a little bit about them and what they are looking for. If you come across someone you are interested in you can contact them in one of two ways, a wink or an email. By sending someone a wink you are letting them know that you are interested and hope that they will return your wink with an email. Alternately they can wink back to get you to start the email chain. However, if you aren't ready to contact someone but you think they are something special you can add them to your favorites list, similar to bookmarking one of your favorite websites. Then later, you can go back and contact them with a wink or an email.

So now, back to the it's okay to look assertion. Is it really okay to look when tells you both who has looked at your profile and who has marked you as a favorite?

Say for example you come across a profile and open it up only to find out that the person is your ex-boyfriend's best friend. He can now tell that you looked at his profile, is that okay? Furthermore if someone puts you on their favorite list but fails to email or wink at you, are you really a favorite? I mean, where is the privacy that you used to have when it really was okay to just look?


Paige said...

I have no idea...look if you want. But be careful not to look at anyone that might notice...but then what is the point?

Anonymous said...


One of my friends who is using Match was cruising about and found one of her friend's husband in the hunt!! Yikes. She did let her friend know. Apparently they are "separated" but still in the same house. His profile is now GONE!


Dating Showcase said...

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