Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's finally a LIVING room!

As you enter the living room.

My brand new couch!

Coffee Table

Coffee Table with side drawer open. The two side drawers are large enough to hold remotes, magazines, blankets, etc.

I took all the pictures that you see on the top of the coffee table but I haven't decided if I want to leave them there or not. What do you think? Does it look like it belongs in a college dorm or does it look adult and artsy?


Goombella said...

What a nice living room -- I like the red chair! I think that you should leave the pics in the table -- it is more interesting that way (plus you are a good photographer so they probably look really pretty). Wow, I have still never owned a couch...hehehe

Marion said...

I like it. It adds personality and character to the room.

nicole said...

we do have the same coffee table! I have to say that honestly I prefer it picture free.

KS said...

yay! looks awesome. maybe you can get some pretty wrapping paper or something and put that in the table.. well, at least to swap out with the pictures once in a while.