Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conference Day 1

Right now I am sitting on my king size bed, watching cable TV, and enjoying a cookie from the front desk. Oh how nice it is to be in a Hampton hotel. Fitness room! Room cleaned daily by someone who isn't me! Free breakfast! TV in bed! But seriously, the real reason I am here is to win my millions at the casino . . . er . . . I mean get my certificate of training in pediatric and adolescent weight management. Hey! You can't blame a girl for enjoying the amenities.

Maybe it's just the change of scenery but today has been a great day. I left Virginia this morning drove the two hours to Delaware, site of the conference. During the drive I passed through Amish country and had to take caution as I passed the horse drawn carriages. All in all the drive was pretty nice, once I passed the eastern shore of Maryland it was pretty much all country and farmlands, very beautiful.

This afternoon we had a half day program featuring three speakers. The first speaker presented on nutrition and gene expression, the second speaker spoke about public health nutrition and environmental change and the last speaker spoke about behavior change. The behavior change was the most interesting, not because the speaker shared my last name, but because what he was talking about will be instantly applicable to my current jobs. I think that's the trademark of a good conference, when you walk away with tips/techniques/strategies that are instantly applicable to your current situation.

I have to say I am pretty excited to see what we are going to learn tomorrow. Not only is it great to be around a bunch of colleagues (something I don't have the luxury of at work) but it's also nice to listen to the knowledge and experience of other people who are just as passionate as I am about childhood obesity. I definitely walked out of the casino today with a fresh outlook on my current work situation.

I also walked out with all the money I entered with, maybe I'll try the slots tomorrow. . .

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