Thursday, March 27, 2008

List #27 - Things That Are Bugging Me

Things That Are Bugging Me Today

  • American is cancelling flights due to problems with the wiring on the MD-80 planes. My friends are flying American to visit me tomorrow.
  • For some reason the nurses decided to pass me a bunch of walk in patients today. Which meant at 1 I was only just leaving the clinic for my lunch. Let's hope my 1 o'clock patient doesn't show!
  • The doctor of one of my patients doesn't believe that a Hemoglobin A1C** can drop by two points within three months due to dietary changes and weight loss alone. The blood test must be lying.
  • My brother can't remember my email. It's my name at, how hard is that?
  • Dating
  • The fact that my lunch consisted of a granny smith apple, a bowl of lima beans, and a kashi cherry dark chocolate chip granola bar.

**A measure of blood glucose levels over the past three months.


Paige said...

Ahhh, they are taking American? Now this is bugging me too!!!

Something that is not bugging me...cranberry juice is yummy.

John said...

Sorry for my wife's non sequitur comment. But as far as the American flights go - I'm going to be buggin' if the California clan doesn't make out here.

Oh, and if I had a lunch like your's - my hemoglobulen level (or whatever) would hit the floor!