Tuesday, March 25, 2008

List #25 - Half Birthday Celebrations

Is the glass half full, or half empty? It depends on whether you're pouring, or drinking.

Today I am officially 26 and 1/2. I guess admitting that means I am only half grownup; do you know any grownups that celebrate their half birthdays? This morning I had to get up at half past 4 to drive my ex-roommate to the airport. Half of me was sad to see her go, the other half excited because it means she can graduate, find a job in NY, and live closer to me. When I got back to my apartment I took an hour and a half nap but now I am feeling half dead as I sit at work trying to get through the morning. Hopefully the second half of the day will pass by a lot quicker!

Ways to Celebrate a Half-Birthday
  • make yourself a half-sized birthday card
  • eat half of a cake
  • make half and half cookies
  • drink half a bottle of wine/champagne
  • take a half day from work

Now you finish the other half of this list with your suggestions!


Paige said...

I think you should come celebrate with us for dinner...although only half of us will celebrate. The other half will ignore the 1/2 birthday thing, because frankly he has never seen the fun in it.

Goombella said...

I would eat half the candy in a pinyata...then probably die from a sugar coma! Happy half-birthday dudette!