Saturday, March 22, 2008

List #22 - Why Today's Mail Rocked

Sometimes I check the mail twice a week. Sometimes I check the mail once a week. Sometimes I realize that it has been a very long time since I checked the mail.

Take today for example. Before opening the mail box I was pretty sure I had checked it earlier in the week as I remember receiving a present not too long ago. But after being greeted by a large stack of mail, I began to wonder if maybe just maybe that present had been in the mail sometime last week. Either way, today's mail wasn't your normal mix of bills and advertisements. No, today's mail rocked because . . .
  1. There was a suprise present from the Easter Bunny
  2. I received my brother's very stylish engagement announcement
  3. I had a letter from the IRS saying they were going to send me $300
  4. I had an Easter Card from a very good friend
  5. I had a paycheck from one of my contract jobs
  6. There was a coupon for a car wash (you would understand the excitement if you could see my car and knew about my neat freak tendencies) just in time to use before my flat-mate arrives this afternoon

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Goombella said...

Yo dudette -- I just posted about my favorite foods and I had a drawing of them from a long time ago. Then I remembered how you had needed little drawings for a dietician worksheet -- ding! You can download the big picture and use any of those sketches if they will help you in your work. Most of the foods I drew aren't very healthy though...but maybe you can use them!