Friday, February 08, 2008

The Season of Lent

I'm not Catholic but attending a Catholic high school has left me with certain traditions. One of which is Lent. For me, it's an opportunity to break old habits and give up something for 40 days.

This past month, my father and I gave up alcohol. Although admittedly, he did better than me. I had a weekend of wine tasting and a couple of drinks during dates but on the whole I was able to stick to my only one drink a night rule (excluding the aforementioned weekend).

So this month, with the beginning of lent, I have decided I am going to give up eating away from the dining room table. For example I will no longer be eating in front of my computer, while standing in the kitchen, or at my desk at work. The only place where food is allowed to be consumed in my apartment will be at my dining room table. We'll see how that goes as it gets mighty boring eating by yourself at a table set for one.


Goombella said...

I totally forgot about Lent. I'm Catholic but I never do it (heading for hell in a hand basket!). Good luck on your resolution! When I lived by myself I always ate in front of the TV -- so bad!

irene said...

nice! i was thinking either giving up meat, or getting up an hr every morning, so sleep...both very very difficult!

nicole said...

does this include eating at the table in the break room at your office (I am imagining 'The Office' and feeling very bad for you right now)?