Tuesday, February 12, 2008


One of the down sides to my apartment complex is that the washing machines and dryers are in the building next door. I specifically remember thinking to myself, not such a big deal now while it's summer but I bet in the winter it will be interesting.

Current Temperature: 30F feels like 22F - Light Freezing Rain
Loads of Laundry to do: Four
Location of Machines: down the front steps (covered in ice) around the corner of the building (not icy but it's raining) and down another set of stairs (partly icy) into the next building's basement
Assessment of fingers: painfully cold and bright red (I'm wearing gloves next time)


Allison said...

My advice: Don't try wearing birkenstocks or going barefoot when making the run between buildings to do laundry. It doesn't look that far but snow is cold!

Adventurous Twenty-Something said...

I seem to remember a similar lesson from Bear Valley . . . remember your shoes when you return your skis/boots/poles. Snow is cold!