Monday, August 27, 2007

I Hate Verizon

Okay, so I am back from China, I am safely in Virginia, but unfortunately Verizon hates me. Well, at least the feeling is mutual.

Last week it took me three days of calling Verizon daily to get a technician to my house to repair my internet connection. When said technician showed up he spent all of thirty seconds in my house then went to the mysterious "Verizon box" on the street. After inspecting "the box" he called to tell me the news. Bad news, he couldn't fix my internet; Good news, a technician would be able to come out to "the box" and change "the card" and tomorrow I would have internet. Three days later, still no internet, and three days of calls into Verizon and I find out that "the card" was not the problem. The problem now exists in the mysterious "central office", but don't worry in just three or four days I should be all set. Yeah right.

I give them until the end of the week and then it's time to find alternate internet service providers. I might even be forced to get cable. Ugh.

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