Sunday, June 24, 2007

Last Weekend in LA

Yesterday I arrived back in LA and was greeted by my friend Trouble at the airport. I have to say I am definitely not going to miss LAX once I leave. Although from what I experienced of Dulles, it's not that exciting either.

Trouble and I had decided to spend my last Saturday night in LA like we always do, out on the town. The evening's excitement began when we walked outside to climb into our cab to find that it had been pulled over by the police for "crazy driving". After reassuring us that he was a safe driver and that the police officer was crazy and not even a real police officer but one from the local community college, we jumped into the cab and headed out. Everyone in LA is a crazy driver.

First stop was one of our local faves, Beechwood, where we sat by the outside fire pit in the warm Venice beach air and sipped our blood orange martinis. After decompressing from my plane ride, Trouble suggested "you need some adventure for your last night in LA" and off we headed towards another destination.

En route to Fin McCools, site of the graduation celebration two weeks ago, we decided to change locales and ended up at the mojito bar at World Cafe. We batted our eyelashes at the cute bar tender working the mojito bar and somehow found ourselves taking part in another group's birthday celebration. As the birthday celebration migrated to our third bar for the evening, Trouble and I found ourselves making friends with some of my old classmates from UCSB. After tonight's outing I don't think I'm going to have a problem making new friends in Virginia.

The evening ended when we returned to Trouble's apartment at 3 am ready to rehash the evening over pizza and climb into bed. Now I am faced with organizing myself and preparing for the impending move. I can't believe I have four days left in LA, but I am really looking forward to returning to Virginia.

***FYI I used to refer to my friends with italicized letters but have decided to switch to italicized nicknames. Enjoy!***

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