Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Picture this . . .

It's Saturday night, St. Patrick's Day, and there I am standing in line for the unisex bathroom at an Irish Pub in New York. The pub is not packed but definitely full of all sorts of New Yorkers celebrating the day. Luckily, the one guy in line, a stand up comic, allowed me to go ahead of him. So as soon as the door opens, it's my turn. After a few minutes, the door opens and what happens? A staff member from the pub runs in front of me and informs me that the bathroom is now closed. What?!

As I'm standing there, doing my bathroom dance, up walks two security guards, Mariah Carey and a few of her friends. Mariah Carey! Apparently, when the VIP guest needs to go to the bathroom, she gets front of the line privileges. At some point we all have people cut in front of us to use the bathroom, but it's never been Mariah Carey before. I guess I can live with this one.

Afterwards we were able to get a shot of her as she posed with the pub's leprechaun. Enjoy!

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