Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Europe Here I Come!

Well I guess this is goodbye for a little bit. Tomorrow I am getting out of LA, getting out of California, and getting out of the US . . . Europe here I come! Not only will I be spending a week in Barcelona with my Dad, but I will also be going to an alumni event at the university where I spent a year studying abroad during college. There's also the possibility that my ex-winglady who moved to Paris from LA might make an appearance. Who knows what will happen if the two of us are let loose in London! Let's just say it's going to be an exciting ten days.
However, I have to say my excitement has been a little dampened after checking the forecast this evening (pun intended). Not only is it going to be rainy in London for the next ten days but look at the temperature difference between where I am now and where I will be spending my vacation:


Monterey Park











I guess this just means that I will have to pack my coats, scarves and sweaters tomorrow because even if it's cold and wet at least it's Europe. I'll do my best to take loads of photographs while I am travelling, but I know for a fact that I won't be able to share them until I return. I might have a chance to post a blog or two, but it's not guaranteed. Either way, we'll definitely catch up once I return.

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K.S. said...

Hee hee, winglady! I hope you guys get the chance to hang out. Say hi to our gal for me if you do. Send me a blackberry message. And have loads of fun in Spain!!