Monday, September 18, 2006

Ten Reasons Why My Dad is the Best!

  1. During my childhood he made me chocolate chip pancakes on weekend mornings and took me for bike rides around our neighborhood.

  2. He has great taste in music and introduces me to all types of new artists.

  3. Not only does he give me furniture for my apartment but he rents a Uhaul, helps me load it, and spends five hours on the freeway with me as we bring it to my apartment. And then he helps me arrange it in my apartment in the 90 degree heat.

  4. He helps educate me about wine.

  5. He is capable of "dancing like Christina" and is not afraid to share those talents with my friends.

  6. He is a traveler by nature and has provided me opportunities throughout my life to experience new cultures.

  7. He is always available for career advice. Knows when to give it and when to just let me figure it out on my own.

  8. He makes a mean beef stew, roast lamb, and kier royale.

  9. He used to let me stand on his feet as we danced around the living room and made the father-daughter dances in high school unforgettable.

  10. He's everything that a girl could wish for in a father and I'm so blessed that he's mine.


Kate said...

I'm so glad I was there for #5...

Allison said...

When do I get my 10 reasons why I'm the best post on your blog?