Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reaching a Quarter Century

When you're a kid birthdays are so exciting. Your parents make a special day of "your day". There's the anticipation for the birthday party where you get to invite all your friends over, play pass the parcel, swim, drive around go-karts or do whatever your favorite activity of the year is. Not to mention the presents, the cake, balloons, and sometimes even flowers. I have noticed that as you get older, birthdays become a little less special. No longer living with my parents and not having all of my friends in close proximity, it takes a little more effort to arrange something truly spectacular. So to celebrate my 25th birthday, I decided that I would have as many celebrations as possible to invovle as many friends as possible thorughout this month.
First of all there was the Dixie Chicks Concert. A huge fan of their music I was so excited when I found out I could buy presale tickets by purchasing their newest cd. Unfortunately the concert, which was originally scheduled for September 9th, has been moved until November. So this birthday celebration will have to wait for a little bit.
The next part of my celebration was taking a weekend trip to Veracruz while I was in Mexico this summer. It was my last weekend in Puebla and I decided that I should go out with a bang, enjoying good food, hot weather, and the beach on the gulf of mexico. I have to say it was awesome.
The official big celebration of my birthday was a hot air balloon ride. Somehow I was able to convince 9 of my closest friends to join me at 6am on a saturday morning to fly over wine country. It was an amazing experience and definitely the best way to remember my 25th birthday. It was a gorgeous, clear, sunny day, perfect for flying and when we got back to the ground we celebrated with an almond champagne toast and then continued the party with an afternoon of wine tasting.
Last weekend I was able to spend some time rocking it on the dance floor. Probably the best night I have ever had at my favorite line dancing bar. Unfortunately I don't get many opportunities to go line dancing nowadays and I really do miss it. The best part of this evening was that I was able to convince some of my non-country friends to join me AND got them out on the dance floor. They picked it up so easily, I think they might even be willing to go again. Or at least I hope they will.
My actual birthday was a mellow day, but definitely special. Phone calls, emails, cards and flowers seemed to fill my day. And in the evening I was treated to a wonderful dinner and dessert.
Tonight I am off to the Snow Patrol concert. Then in October I have one more party to look forward to and then I'll officially have to call it the end of my 25th birthday celebrations. I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family whom always seem to make my birthday special no matter how close or far apart we are. Thank you for your cards, emails, phonecalls and most of all friendship. Shall we do it again next year?


Marion said...

A belated Happy BDay My Dear!!

Nicole said...

It's really only a great birthday if you can extend the celebration for at least a week. Sounds like you did good.