Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Day Of Rotation

Today I started my clinical rotation for my coordinated dietetics program. If you had talked to me yesterday you would have had a conversation with a very nervous dietetics student. Part of the problem was that I had no idea what to expect. Should I review my notes, make sure I knew my equations, or should I just expect that the first day was going to be easy? But just like every first day at a new job, today was orientation day. I spent the morning reviewing the policies of the hospital and meeting a few key people. The entire dietetics office eats lunch together in the cafeteria. Then in the afternoon I recieved a tour of the hospital and reviewed some of the paperwork- chart papers, diet handouts, etc.
Here are some of the things I like so far:
  1. The location. It takes about 30 minutes to get there from my house and I am driving in reverese traffic. Not an easy thing to accomplish in Los Angeles.
  2. The people in the dietetics office. One of the women there graduated from Cal State LA two years ago and the other four are really open and friendly.
  3. I have a schedule. I know who I will be working with for the entire ten weeks, I know when my vacations are and I know when my case study presentation is.

Watch out patients ... tomorrow I actually get to go out on the floor, shadowing  another RD of course. I also am going to observe this RD teach an outpatient class. Needless to say I am looking forward to actually getting my feet wet!


Paige said...

Good luck!!!

Allison said...

That is sooooooooo exciting. Go Christina! Do you have any hot bosses like on Grey's Anatomy?